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Registered Agent

Your business must have a registered agent at a registered office in each state where it does business. If the law allows “legal process” (like a lawsuit), or a notice or demand to be served on a corporation, the registered agent is designated to receive it at the registered office. Even if you operate your business in only one state, it can be a good idea to have a registered agent that knows what to do with these important papers.

Lex Launch offers this service to businesses for a small annual fee of $75/year in Missouri and $125/year in all other states.

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When the Sheriff delivers a lawsuit to your registered office…
Is that your home? Your business? Is that what you want?

Why Hire Lex Launch as your Registered Agent?

  • Avoid Being Embarrassed At Your Office: The Sheriff or Process Server is likely to serve us on your behalf

  • Anonymity: Your name, home and office address are not listed on the Secretary of State filings (LLC only)

  • Hassle: You don’t have to deal with all the junk mail

  • No Important Deadlines Missed: We will notify your local attorney, or find you one we trust

Registered Agent Benefits

  • Save Money on Future Legal Fees:  You will be able to save 10% on future attorneys fees from participating law firms

  • Discounts for Property Investors:  Free membership to ($70/year value)

  • Free Conference Room:  Access to our conference room for 1-hour to conduct your annual meetings

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